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Introducing the C4 Cactus

Date Posted: 15.05.2014


Citroen’s latest edition the C4 Cactus was launched at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. The Cactus is a return to the quirkiness that Citroen is famous for while incorporating the driver/owners needs through innovative design and technology.

One of the most striking features on the car are the Air Bumps on the car's front and rear bumpers, and on the car's sides. These air-filled plastic bumps act like bubble wrap and are designed to help prevent damage caused by low-speed collisions they also add to the quirkiness you will have a choice in the colour of your Air bumps and three interior themes. 

The Cactus is just as cutting-edge inside too, with a number of innovative touches that are designed to make it comfier and easier two digital displays a seven-inch touch screen controlling all major functions. A full-length glass roof will be available; a passenger airbag has also been built into the roof to provide a greater feeling of space inside.

The C4 Cactus will be available in Autumn 2014 to register your interest email sales@koping.ie and we will keep you posted.